In Cathy Jo Nelsons Blog gibt es unter dem Titel "Ten reasons a School Librarian is VITAL" eine schöne Zusammenstellung, warum Schulbibliotheken wichtig sind. U.a.:

"7. Schools can be successful even if “library-less” now that the Internet is widely available.  Not true. ... We are the Google of our schools.  An added bonus–a school library is not just a place to offer Internet access or books. It is a place designed for learning, either self-directed or collaboratively.  School libraries of today are places where students can come to read for pleasure, study, research independently or with classes, and even delve into being a creator of information.  School libraries programs of today strive to be a space in the building that offers flexibility to the school community, a place that can be made into a space that works for the needs of the learners.  There is even a trend today to rename library media centers “learning commons” as the space evolves to meet the needs of today’s learners. A school librarian ensures the evolution of the program continues to support the needs of the learners in the “learning commons".”